Feature - Imagine Monroe Expands Job Training for IT Companies and Employees

Earlier this year, Monroe County launched a groundbreaking job training initiative, tailored for information technology companies.

The program, called IT Monroe 1.0, is aimed at helping growing information technology companies who want to find qualified employees in Monroe County.

With IT being one of the county’s fastest-growing sectors, this program was created to assist companies in providing new employees with the specialized training they will need to be successful in the IT industry.

When participating in IT Monroe 1.0, both the employee and the employer will be eligible for reimbursements to help offset the cost of field training. Bringing the right partnerships together is critical to success.

To continue expanding on the program, the county is proud to announce IT Monroe 2.0 Which will run concurrently with IT Monroe 1.0. “Information technology (IT) is one of the largest cross-cutting sectors in the labor market, “ said Jeffrey Adair, Imagine Monroe’s Executive Director. “IT Monroe is a customized approach to address the skills shortages that employers are experiencing now. By investing in these businesses and employees, we are all working together to create a thriving Monroe County economy.”

IT Monroe 2.0 is an internship program, which will open the door wider for students seeking internships but who don’t have regular transportation to and from a job site.

Both programs establish an excellent framework to bring community partners together in order to achieve higher levels of economic competitiveness and increasing opportunities for both the employees and employers.

Both programs are extensions of Monroe County’s workforce development program, Monroe on the Job.