Buckingham Properties LLC (Buckingham), a commercial real estate and development company, proposes to modernize and renovate an existing commercial building located at 460 Buffalo Road in the City of Rochester. The tenant, American Aerogel Corporation (American Aerogel), manufactures insulated shipping packages that keep temperature-sensitive material safe by using performance leading aerogel-based insulation. The $5.2 million project will include improvements of the roof, parking lot, loading docks, facade, common areas and a major renovation to the interior of American Aerogel’s leased space. Buckingham seeks Sales Tax and Mortgage Recording Tax Exemptions as well as the JobsPlus Property Tax Abatement on the $4.6 million building investment. American Aerogel seeks Sales Tax Exemption on materials, furniture and fixtures on purchases of $450,000. The project will impact 110 existing FTEs and is expected to create an additional 20 FTEs over 3 years. The benefit to incentive ratio is 28:1.


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