Ridgeway Properties I, LLC, a local developer, is seeking incentives for construction of a facility for Clearwater Organic Farms, LLC (Clearwater). Clearwater, a new company which has been supported by the State of New York and other local partners, will utilize cutting edge hydroponic technology to produce fresh, locally grown, year round organic baby leaf greens to supply markets throughout New York State. Ridgeway Properties will construct a 650,000 square foot growing facility on 8 acres of land for Clearwater. The project will be the largest hydroponic commercial greenhouse of its kind in the United States, and will produce more than 2.7 million pounds of fresh produce annually. The facility will be constructed at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, adjacent to the LiDestri Foods, and will involve a total investment of $42.6 million and create 100 FTEs and 7 PTEs. The applicant is seeking sales and mortgage tax exemptions, and property tax abatement on the increased value resulting from their $18 Million investment. Clearwater will invest $24.6 Million, and is seeking approval of sales tax exemptions on furniture, fixtures, equipment and other eligible costs. The Benefit/Incentive ratio is 1.1:1.

Ridgeway Properties I, LLC
1020 Lee Road
Rochester, New York 14606
Project Address
1020 Lee Road
Rochester, New York 14606
Project Amount
New: 104
Requirement: 1

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