Whitney Baird Associates LLC will be acquiring and renovating the Culver Road Armory located at 145 Culver Road on 7.62 acres in the City of Rochester. The total square footage of the main building is 75,000 with two additional garages totaling 20,000 square feet. Whitney Baird will be refurbishing and renovating the main facility with new masonry, windows, insulation and roof replacement. A second floor will be added in the main high bay structure resulting in a total of approximately 100,000 rentable square feet. The building will be approximately 80% premium office space and 20% commercial. The facility will accommodate up to 500 cars. Several tenants have indicated willingness to move to the facility as well as move into Monroe County. The facility has been owned by the State since 1917. The City of Rochester is supportive of the project and provided a letter of endorsement for participation by COMIDA for this $14 million project. Acquisition cost of the building is $1.4 million with an additional $13 million in building improvements and renovations. A special PILOT has been proposed by the City of Rochester for the project. The job creation requirement is 16.

Whitney Baird Associates LLC
205 St. Paul Street Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14604
Project Address
205 St. Paul Street Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14604
Existing: 155
New: 50
Requirement: 16
Property Tax Abatement
Special PILOT

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