Germanow-Simon Corporation (GSC) is a manufacturing business comprised of G-S Plastic Optics, a molder and fabricator of precision polymer optical components and TelTru Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of instruments for industrial process applications. GSC was founded in 1916 and has occupied a 34,000 square foot, multi-story building at 408 St. Paul Street since 1920. GSC is proposing to renovate the 130 year old building to create additional manufacturing space and improve efficiency. The project is expected to include the rehabilitation of the 1st and 3rd floors, installation of an elevator, façade improvements, capital equipment purchases and the construction of a 1,300 square foot addition. The $2,450,000 project will impact 78 existing employees and is projected to create 15 new FTE within three years. GSC seeks approval of sales tax exemption only.

Germanow-Simon Corporation
408 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY 14605
Project Address
408 St. Paul Street
Rochester, NY 14605
Existing: 78
New: 15
Sales & Mortgage Tax Exemptions

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