SPS Medical Supply Corp. (SPS) is a manufacturer of biological indicators, chemical indicators and other products used to monitor sterilization of medical equipment. The company proposes to construct a 100,000 SF addition to their 38,000 SF facility in the Town of Henrietta. SPS will expand its production and warehouse capacity to meet the needs of their global dental and healthcare customer base. The $18 million project is expected to create 100 new full time jobs over the next three years. The applicant is seeking approval of the Enhanced JobsPlus property abatement as well as sales tax exemption on construction materials and furnishings. The job creation requirement is 10. The project has a 4.4 : 1 benefit to incentive ratio.

SPS Medical Supply Corp.
6789 W. Henrietta Rd.
Rush, NY 14543
Project Address
6789 W. Henrietta Rd.
Rush, NY 14543
Project Amount
$18,221,000 - Lease/Leaseback with Abatement
Existing: 95
New: 100
Requirement: 10

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