Discover the expansion journey of Vargas Associates, Inc., a visionary facilities project management company. Their proposed expansion at the Humboldt St location in the City of Rochester presents a dynamic opportunity. Leasing an additional 1,700 square feet, the company aims to revitalize their space, creating room for growth and innovation. In this endeavor, a total of 4,600 square feet will be thoughtfully reconfigured. This transformation will enhance work areas to accommodate extra staff and foster an open, collaborative atmosphere. Embracing sustainable practices, the project entails upgrading lighting to energy-efficient LED fixtures. The addition of a new restroom and strategic investment in furniture, fixtures, and equipment will elevate the work environment. With a budget of $585,370, this expansion endeavor holds the potential to generate significant impact. Notably, 13 full-time jobs will be directly influenced by the project, while its projections indicate the creation of four additional full-time positions over the next three years. Vargas Associates, Inc. is poised to exemplify growth that extends beyond its walls, contributing to both its success and the broader community's vitality.


Embark on a transformative journey with M/E Properties Rochester, LLC, a dynamic real estate holding company. Their ambitious vision encompasses the purchase and renovation of 300 Trolley Blvd. in the Town of Gates, destined to shape the future of M/E Engineering, P.C. (M/E). As a revered mechanical/electrical consulting engineering firm established in 1991, M/E has outgrown its leased space in the City of Rochester, prompting this strategic move. Set within a 22,900 square foot expanse, the new location holds the promise of expansion and innovation. This project marks a vital step towards accommodating M/E's burgeoning operations. With roots deeply embedded in Monroe County, M/E Engineering, P.C. extends its influence across Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse, employing a workforce of 200 individuals. Notably, the Rochester location, where around 85 professionals contribute their expertise, stands as a cornerstone of the firm's success. The project's financial investment of $3,100,000 underscores the commitment to cultivating growth. Envisioned outcomes extend beyond infrastructure enhancement, as the project anticipates the creation of 11 full-time positions over the ensuing three years. The expansion not only secures M/E's upward trajectory but also contributes to the vibrant economic landscape of Monroe County and beyond.


Step into a vision of community and care with Home Leasing LLC, a renowned developer, in collaboration with Episcopal Senior Life Communities (ESLC). Together, they're set to unveil a transformative mixed-use project on 8.4 acres in the inviting embrace of the Town of Penfield. This endeavor stands as a testament to the commitment of enhancing the lives of seniors through a spectrum of living options, embracing their varying needs and aspirations. The project will provide a wide range of housing options for seniors from independent living to assisted living and memory care. Home Leasing’s participation will be the development and management of 113 affordable apartments for seniors with income at 50% to 60% Area Median Income. ESLC will provide supportive services for 40 of the units. The $30 million project will include ADA accessible units. Home Leasing expects to create 14 full-time jobs and eight part-time positions.


Embark on a journey of innovation with Butler/Till Media Services Inc. (B/T), a trailblazing full-service media planning and buying agency with a storied history. Established in 1998 by the visionary partnership of Sue Butler and Tracy Till, B/T has carved a distinct path within the industry, fueled by a commitment to excellence and innovation. A defining chapter of their journey unfolded in 2010 when B/T found its new home within the Eagles Landing Business Park, nestled in the Town of Henrietta. Spanning an impressive expanse of over 22,000 square feet, this location serves as a vibrant hub of creativity, strategy, and collaboration. With a foundation rooted in passion and dedication, Butler/Till Media Services Inc. continues to illuminate the landscape of media planning and buying, leaving an indelible mark on the industry it shapes.


550 East Main, LLC is set to reimagine 550 East Main St. in Rochester, bringing new life to this space for Envative, a pioneering custom software developer. With two decades of excellence, Envative has outgrown their current 3,000 sq. ft. location on University Ave. This strategic move promises to unlock fresh possibilities for innovation and collaboration, reflecting both Envative's legacy and their commitment to shaping the digital landscape.


Witness precision in motion as Rochester Precision Optics (RPO) takes center stage. A distinguished manufacturer of precision optical elements and imaging assemblies, RPO's impact resonates across diverse sectors, from Defense to Consumer Electronics. Pioneering advanced imaging components for global market leaders, RPO's legacy is one of precision, innovation, and transformative solutions.


Unveil the legal forefront with Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP (Woods), a nationally recognized law firm anchored in Monroe County. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Woods' influence spans from Buffalo to Phoenix, AZ, exemplifying legal prowess on a national scale. Employing 275 locally, their impact is not only substantial but integral to the county's dynamic landscape.


Discover precision in healthcare with SPS Medical Supply Corp. (SPS), a leading manufacturer of biological and chemical indicators pivotal for monitoring medical equipment sterilization. Operating at the crossroads of innovation and patient safety, SPS embodies a vital role in the medical landscape, ensuring impeccable standards in sterilization procedures.


Unveil the legal forefront with Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP (Woods), a nationally recognized law firm anchored in Monroe County. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Woods' influence spans from Buffalo to Phoenix, AZ, exemplifying legal prowess on a national scale. Employing 275 locally, their impact is not only substantial but integral to the county's dynamic landscape.


Dive into the future of healthcare with Bio-Optronics Inc. (Bio-Optronics), a trailblazing healthcare IT software developer. Specializing in clinical research, patient, and staff scheduling programs, Bio-Optronics illuminates the path to streamlined healthcare operations, reflecting a commitment to advancement and precision.


Step into a world of interactive transformation with Live Tiles, Corp. (Live Tiles), a dynamic software company with a vision. Their plan to establish an office in Monroe County signifies a new chapter in enterprise solutions. With a focus on intelligent design, Live Tiles reimagines technology's role in the workplace, fostering innovation and efficiency in interactions that power the future of work.


Experience the union of flavors with Love Beets Production LLC (Love Beets), a collaboration between LiDestri Foods and UK-based G’s Fresh Ltd. Their vision unfolds in the form of a 98,500 square foot specialty beet processing facility in the Town of Greece. This venture promises to infuse culinary innovation with beet-based goodness, marking a delicious contribution to Monroe County's diverse offerings.


Witness an evolution of business solutions with Paychex, Inc. and Subsidiaries (Paychex). Established in 1971, Paychex is a powerhouse providing essential services ranging from payroll to insurance, shaping businesses of all sizes across the US, Germany, and Brazil. Rooted in Monroe County, Paychex's proposal to expand operations in the Town of Henrietta echoes their commitment to innovation and growth, both locally and globally.


Embark on a culinary journey with OFD Foods, LLC (OFD), a freeze-dried product manufacturer headquartered in Albany, Oregon. OFD's vision unfolds as they propose to construct a 42,000 square foot production facility in the Town of Henrietta. This strategic move aims to cater to their East Coast and Midwest clientele, enhancing their reach and commitment to culinary innovation.


Embrace a new era of organic sustenance with Clearwater Organic Farms, LLC (Clearwater). Supported by local partners and the State of New York, Clearwater is set to harness cutting-edge hydroponic technology for year-round organic baby leaf greens. With a proposed facility constructed by Ridgeway Properties I, LLC, this visionary endeavor aligns with Monroe County's commitment to sustainable, local produce and nourishment.


Unveil the artistry of packaging with American Packaging Corporation (APC), a versatile packaging converter catering to an array of markets. From food and beverage to medical and agriculture, APC's influence spans diverse sectors. Operating across multiple states, including Rochester, where it proudly calls home, APC's commitment to innovation echoes in every package, reflecting a seamless blend of technology and precision.


Welcome to CityGate, a visionary project that's set to redefine urban living in the heart of Rochester. With over 550,000 square feet of new construction, CityGate boasts a dynamic blend of retail, commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces. This $101 million endeavor isn't just about development—it's about creating a vibrant ecosystem that transforms spaces, generates employment opportunities, and contributes to the local economy. CityGate signifies the revival of a former County-owned property, breathing life into the tax rolls while generating incremental tax revenue. Prepare to witness the City of Rochester flourish with renewed energy and purpose.


Experience culinary excellence with LiDestri Food & Beverage, the nation's leading manufacturer of sauces, dips, and salsas. Their commitment to quality shines as they invest in Monroe County, embarking on transformative projects that shape the culinary landscape. In a strategic move, LiDestri embraced a $60 million project, elevating spirits and sauces to new heights. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a testament to their dedication, channeling innovation into every creation. Additionally, LiDestri's Innovation Center of Excellence stands as a beacon of progress, supporting their food, beverage, and spirits endeavors. These ventures amplify Monroe County's culinary prowess, reflecting LiDestri's commitment to flavor, innovation, and the art of creation.


Witness the art of construction with BVR Construction Company Inc., a renowned contractor specializing in a spectrum of heavy-duty endeavors. BVR's journey took a decisive turn in 2012, as they undertook a monumental $1.3 million building project in the Town of Chili—a testament to their growth and commitment. Guided by expertise in heavy steel work, dam and waterway construction, concrete repair and construction, and much more, BVR's expansion mirrors their dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. This venture, rooted in Monroe County, marks not just the evolution of a business but the embodiment of strength, precision, and the spirit of construction excellence.


Step into the future of education with Bryant & Stratton College, a transformative career college dedicated to outcome-based learning. Anchored in a contemporary, flexible curriculum, the college envisions remarkable growth, anticipating a 70% surge in student enrollment over the next five to ten years. A new chapter unfolds with the creation of a $7.5 million campus—a visionary endeavor that echoes their commitment to providing adequate space for a burgeoning student body. Bryant & Stratton College stands as a beacon of educational innovation, shaping Monroe County's future leaders with excellence and purpose.


Embrace the world of microstructured optics with Reflexite Corporation, a global leader supplying components to industries spanning lighting, solar power, instrumentation, and display. In a testament to their commitment to excellence, Reflexite embarked on a remarkable $4 million manufacturing expansion. This strategic move, undertaken after considering international options, highlights Monroe County's appeal as a hub of innovation. Reflexite's expansion echoes their dedication to pushing boundaries, contributing to advancements that illuminate the possibilities of technology and beyond.


Step into the legacy of precision with G-S Plastic Optics, a pioneer in molding and fabricating precision polymer optical components. Founded in 1916, G-S Plastic Optics is a testament to longevity, innovation, and continuous evolution. Their journey takes an exciting turn with a $2,450,000 extensive renovation of their 130-year-old headquarters building. This visionary project isn't just about creating manufacturing space; it's a step towards enhancing efficiency and embracing modernity while preserving the spirit of tradition. G-S Plastic Optics sets the stage for a new era of precision, underscoring Monroe County's commitment to shaping the future of optics and beyond.


Discover a haven of senior living at The Legends at North Ponds, a response to the growing demand for accessible housing for seniors in the Town of Webster. This transformative project offers 114 apartments, redefining the landscape of comfortable living for older adults. A tribute to heritage and progress, the historic 1859 Hecker homestead takes on a new role as professional office space, a bridge between the past and present. The Legends at North Ponds not only enriches the lives of seniors but also preserves history while embracing modernity—a harmonious blend of legacy and innovation in Monroe County.


Witness a historic transformation with the Culver Road Armory, a testament to Monroe County's commitment to preservation and progress. This 100,000 square foot World War I era armory underwent an awe-inspiring multi-million dollar renovation, seamlessly merging modern design with the armory's rich heritage. This visionary project unfolds as a dynamic space housing a mix of professional offices, a restaurant, and specialty retailers. The Culver Road Armory stands as a symbol of Monroe County's dedication to revitalization, breathing new life into a historic landmark while crafting a vibrant hub that bridges eras and fosters a harmonious community spirit.


Enter the realm of international communications and information technology with Harris Corporation, a global force serving diverse markets across more than 150 countries. In a monumental decision, Harris chose Monroe County's vibrant landscape for an ambitious $46 million project. This endeavor consolidates operations in an 84-acre campus—a visionary move that not only retains 1,100 manufacturing, engineering, and administrative roles but also solidifies Monroe County's pivotal role in shaping the future of global connectivity. Harris Corporation exemplifies the intersection of innovation, collaboration, and Monroe County's dynamic spirit.

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